About Our Company

We are one of the leading companies of the sector with its superior quality understanding and quality models in the Stove Industry since 1970. İL METAL, which has determined to be the pioneer of innovations in its sector as its goal, continues its activities with a customer-oriented production philosophy based on environment-friendly and unconditional customer satisfaction.

As IL METAL Heating Equipment, we are producing in Bursa Barakfakih Organized Industrial Zone, as an integrated facility in a closed area of 6.000 m2 within its own body. Our products have their own "Utility Model and Industrial Design" models. We design and manufacture all our models in a way that appeals to our customers' eye taste and decorative suitability. OUR BODY STRUCTURE AND BENEFITS Although the legs are in-curved, all four sides of the bottom are curved inward to increase strength. The cylindrical liner is punctured to the bottom and sealing is ensured, besides, the durability of the liner is increased by enamel coating with the body. By means of the louvers on the side panels, the circulation of hot air is ensured, and accordingly, the cracking and shedding of the front panel enamel of the high temperature is prevented.

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Our Vision

Our corporate structure, which is based on creating value by meeting the expectations of our customers with a stable quality understanding, is to manage values in the 'best' way with our customer-oriented working strategy and competitive growth potential.


Our Mission

To be the market leader organization preferred by everyone, together with its employees, customers and suppliers.